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From a very early age my love of beauty was influenced by my grandmother and mother. Sitting for hours on end watching them cleanse their face and rub all sorts of potions and lotion on their skin and then of course don’t forget the makeup. They planted the seed of beauty in me without even realizing what they were doing by just being themselves. Little did they know that this seed would blossom into a passion to help people all over the world transform their lives through green beauty.

My very first job in beauty was for Lancôme and then I went on to work for Aveda, The Body Shop and an international small beauty boutique which housed many different luxury skin care and makeup brands under one roof. I know that AVEDA helped me to really establish roots in the industry and THE BODY SHOP helped me discover that the heart of my future business was to have a social mission interwoven within the philosophy of my company.

After 15 years of being in retail I finally realized I was ready to expand my horizons in learning how to make the beauty products that I had always used. So, I started researching schools, and  came across Formula Botanica founder Lorraine Dallmeier. I found her school and site to be the most inline with my goals so I enrolled and I am now so glad that I did!! I have learned to formulate in her courses as well as develop my knowledge of skin care based on solid scientific research. And most importantly I have found my true passion and niche in the huge green beauty industry just by being a student in this school. I highly recommend it if you want to be in this industry!

I got pregnant during the time I was in the courses and this was when I truly decided to switch 100 percent over to natural green organic beauty brands. Because we are already bombarded with so many toxins just walking out the door my husband and I wanted our son to have the best care and green products at home and since I was a lover of makeup and skincare that meant that I had to make the switch to green beauty before the baby arrived. My husband also switched over to Green Products as well for his skin care regimen and he loves it!

At first, I made the switch one product at a time but closer to the birth I realized the importance of getting everything in my beauty cabinet switched over before the baby arrived. I am happy to say that now we are a totally nontoxic and chemical free home! Victory!!! It was not easy and it did not overnight but I can say with confidence that it has resulted in better health for all of us in the family.


So here we are now sharing our passion about changing your health and changing your life by making the Switch to Green Beauty. The Green Beauty Mom is more than just a business it is a lifestyle and a family that you can count on to be there every step of the way to guide you in your journey in making the switch to Green Beauty. Thanks for joining us on this amazing journey in!


-The Green Beauty Mom & Family

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